About us

Turning innovative ideas into high-performance products

An outstanding advantage of steel composite construction with a proven track record going back several decades is the fact that slender structures can be used to reliably support high loads.

At the same time, advances in the load-bearing capacities of concrete have made solid concrete construction a sound alternative in recent decades. Since composite construction invariably combines steelwork with concrete, it will be fascinating to see where these market developments will lead us.

We, however, don’t want to be led – we want to play an active role in shaping these developments.

Turning our innovative ideas into high-performance customised solutions has always been at the heart of our corporate identity. We are continuously developing our portfolio of services and we offer a single source for every conceivable requirement in the field of steel construction, reinforced concrete construction and steel-concrete composite construction.
We make a point of developing good working relationships with all our partners, from subcontractors to designers and clients – it’s what defines our corporate culture.